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Books published by Changemakers Kids include the following, which are available in print and as ebook through Amazon and IngramSpark, and as audio books through Audible.

A Magical Journey Through the Night


A 7-year-old girl goes exploring her imagination.

She sees caterpillars and ants, birds flying, and stands beside the mast on a ship.

As she climbs the ladder to the top, a storm comes in and she finds refuge in a warm cabin.

There, she sees a chart with pictures on the walls, which lead her to fly across a desert, and then heads to the star, lands on Mars, and sees scary robots coming towards her.

Finally, she decides it’s time to return home, where she goes back to bed. It’s a truly magical journey of 250 words told in rhyme.

the big mushroom battle

Zoo Doo

Zoo Do is a story about boy who feels lonely after his family moves to a new town, so his parents take him to the zoo to cheer him up.

There, he sees and imitates many of the animals he sees, including toucans, hyenas, lions, elephants, and chimpanzees.

Then, at school for “Show and Tell,” he does a demonstration of all the animals he saw at the zoo, and the other children see him in a new way. As a result, he makes new friends and gets a nickname to go with his story.

What is unique about this story is that all the illustrations have been created through AI, based on writing a short sentence or series of words.

So Zoo Do is both a story about a boy’s experience in visiting the zoo and an exploration of a new technology medium.

Whoosh Cover


Whoosh! is a story about boy who goes on his first plane flight, and as he looks out of the window, he imagines all kinds of things.

He is flying like a bird, becoming a cloud, seeing rivers that look like snakes, imaging he is piling up tiny houses like a tower of blocks, and more.

At the end of the flight, his father asks him how he liked his first flight, and he says, “I really flew!”

Unique about his journey, is that all the illustrations have been created through AI. So Whoosh! is both a story about using one’s imagination on a journey and an exploration of a new technology medium.

Beyond the Beach Cover

Saving the Sharks

SAVING THE SHARKS is about a little girl named Mia who reads about how sharks have been misunderstood as dangerous monsters. But they are really helpful in many ways, such as protecting the ocean by eating sick and weak fish and preventing overpopulation.

So Mia starts a campaign to become a “Shark Guardian” and save the sharks. She speaks to friends and neighbors, gets other kids to create posters with her, and sets up a table in town with information about sharks.

She takes students to the aquarium to see sharks and even appears on TV.

Saving the Sharks tells the story of her campaign to create awareness to save the sharks.

Beyond the Beach Cover

What's Beyond the Beach

What’s Beyond the Beach? is a story about boy who loses his family and friends in a flood. So he goes to the beach to look for them, and a whale takes him out to see.

There, he meets a mermaid who gives him a gift and a dragon, who says he will help him, but he must do certain tasks for him, including finding a treasure and a princess.

Will the boy find what he needs to find? Will he find his family and friends?

What’s especially unique about this story is that all the illustrations have been created through AI, based on writing a short sentence or series of words.

A Dog's Tale Cover

I Wish I Could Be: A Dog’s Tale

I Wish I Could Be: A Dog’s Tale is a story about a Beagle who sees all kinds of dogs at a dog park and imagines what it would be like to be different dogs.

He wishes he might be a German Shepherd, a Pomeranian, a Cocker Spaniel, a Border Collie, a Golden Retriever, a Dachshund, and many other popular dogs.

But finally, as his human Rodney takes him exploring in the woods and hugs him, he decides he likes being a Beagle after all.

What is unique about his journey is that all the illustrations have been created through AI, based on writing a short sentence or series of words So I Wish I Could Be: A Dog’s Tale is both a magical adventure based on using one’s imagination on a journey and an exploration of a new technology medium.

Whoosh Cover

Sounds in the Night

SOUNDS IN THE NIGHT is about a boy lying in bed at night who hears sounds outside his window.

First, he hears a whistle and the bark of his neighbor calling his dog. Then, he hears their footsteps walking and running, and soon he is imagining all kinds of adventures for them, such as the dog running into the clouds and jumping over the tops of the trees.

Other sounds he hears are a clock ticking and sheets rustling, leading him to see mice crawling from the clock and elves coming out from the covers.

When he hears moths buzzing at his window, soon he is flying with them.

But finally, when he hears sounds from the kitchen, he has to leave the world of his imagination behind and begin the day, until he returns to bed and hears more sounds in the night.

My Collision cover

My Collison

My Collison is a story about a boy who sees what happens when his father has a minor collision with another driver after which they exchange driver information and drive away.

Soon after that, he has his own collision when a teenage bike rider rams into his bike, which topples over.

He is ready to yell at the teenager for causing the accident, when he remembers how his father and the other driver settled their own collision peaceably, so he decides to do the same.

What will happen? Will he be able to settle the collision amicably or will the discussion with the teenager escalate?

And what will his parents say when they see the damaged bike lying on its side in the street? 

It's Tough Being a Doll cover

It’s Tough Being a Doll

It’s Tough Being a Doll is a story about all the difficulties a doll faces, told from the doll’s point of view.

Among other things, the doll describes being left in a hot car, put in a dark closet, fought over by her owner Mandy’s two brothers, stepped on by Mandy’s father, and more.

But in the end, she feels loved by Mandy and her younger sister, who becomes the new doll’s owner when Mandy grows up.

It’s a story that’ll get kids to think about dolls in a new way.

Too Small

TOO SMALL is about a boy named Danny who is much shorter than the other boys in his class, so they tease him and he feel bad, though his parents try to reassure him that he is strong and clever.

Then, he hears three other boys talking about going to a cave with arrowheads a local farmer discovered. He convinces them to let them join him, and he overcomes their reluctance by offering to tell ghost stories and bring some of his mom’s cookies and brownies.

Then, after they explore the cave and have lunch, they get stuck going back through a narrow passageway. But Danny says he can get through because of his smaller size.

So what will happen?

Will Danny succeed in getting help to rescue the other boys?

Too Small tells the story.

Whoosh Cover


THE CRAZY CRITTERS COLORING BOOK features a unique series of animals to color. They were inspired by The Crazy Critters First Adventures about some unusual animals that meet a little girl who just moved to a new community and help her make friends.

They include Edgar the Eagle Giraffe, Benji the Bear Fish, Ollie the Owly Cat, and Bertie the Bird Dog.

Here you’ll meet some other unusual animals who combine two very different critters. So have fun coloring, and maybe you’ll come up with some of your own adventure stories with these creatures.

Whoosh Cover


THE CREATIVE CRITTERS COLORING BOOK features a unique series of animals doing unique and unusual things. They are organized from A to Z.

The images include an antelope playing an accordion, a butterfly piloting a rocket ship, an elephant dancing, a hippopotamus at a mic giving a speech, a shark driving a racing car, a snake admiring itself in a mirror, a stork delivering a package, and more.

So have fun coloring, and maybe you’ll come up with some of your own activities for these or other animals.

Why Can You Be book cover

Why Can't you Be?

In Why Can’t You Be? Alicia feels discouraged because her mother repeatedly finds fault with what she has done and asks why she can’t be like her cousin or sisters.

Her mother complains when Alicia tracks mud into the kitchen, practices musical scales in her room, doesn’t do creative artwork like her sister, and leads pigeons into the house.

Then, as Alicia thinks about why she can’t do anything right and why she can’t be herself, she gets an idea that changes everything.

Why Can You Be book cover

Call Me Sarah

CALL ME SARAH is about a girl named Elena who dreams her name is Sarah, and she persuades her parents to call her this.

On the school bus and at school, the other kids laugh at her request, but her teacher tells the kids that anyone can call themselves what they want.

Then, after she goes to bed thinking how nice it is that everyone is calling her Sarah, she dreams that her name is Jemma and she lives in a palace in the clouds.

So she wonders if everyone should call her Jemma or maybe not?

Then what happens when she has other dreams?

Call Me Sarah tells her story.

Susie Doll

SUSIE DOLL is a story about Debra who gets a doll she names Susie for her 4th birthday.

She takes Susie everywhere with her – to dinner, to a nearby creek, on car trips, to the beach, when going shopping.

But one day Debra’s family flies to visit her aunt, and Susie is too big to take on the plane. Debra misses Susie very much on the plane trip and after they arrive at her aunt’s house.

So what will happen that summer and when they return home after two months?

It's Tough Being a Doll cover

Grandma’s Marriage

Grandma’s Marriage is a story about a little girl, Susanna, who advises her favorite grandmother to get married again, even though everyone else in the family is against it.

After her grandmother comes for a visit and they do all kinds of fun things together, Susanna writes her grandmother a letter telling her to marry again, and she does.

As a result, her parents are very mad at her, and she wonders if she should have sent that letter.

What will happen? Did Susanna give her grandmother good advice?

Will the marriage work out? What do Susanna’s parents think about what happens?

the big mushroom battle


THE BIG MUSHROOM BATTLE is the battle with the mushrooms that ensues after Luisa encounters mushrooms growing in a rock garden near the front door of her house.

She thinks they look very scary, but her mother, father, and older sister aren’t concerned, and her friends don’t help either.

She even dreams about the mushrooms coming at her like an army and is determined to fight them.

So what will happen and how will what Luisa learns about the mushrooms change everything?

This picture book tells her story.

blankets in the bathtub


BLANKETS IN THE BATHTUB is a story about a little girl who likes watching the shadows racing across her walls at night as she falls asleep.

She even talks to some shadows, and one night, she meets Mr. Pim, a roly poly imp and quietly tells him about her experiences at school that day.

But one night she excitedly tells him a story, and her parents hear her. Mr. Pim suggests they speak in the bathroom, so she takes her blankets there and later returns to her room after speaking to him.

But one night she falls asleep in the bathtub.

What will happen when her mother discovers her there?

BLANKETS IN THE BATHTUB tells her story.

Fly, Fly Away

Fly, Fly Away

FLY, FLY AWAY is a story about a fly who likes flying around the garden and feasting on the nectar, fruit, and sugary liquid in a glass.

Then, he looks through a window into a big house and is curious about what’s it’s like inside. 

But after he flies in through an open door and is drawn to a jar of honey and plate with bits of fruit, he encounters the two boys and their parents who live there, and soon he has to evade the mother’s hand and the father’s can of bug spray. 

Can he escape back into the garden? What will happen if he gets back?  Fly, Fly Away tells his story.

the dragon who wanted to be a turtle


THE DRAGON WHO WANTED TO BE A TURTLE is a story about a dragon who doesn’t like many things he has to do, such as breathing fire, racing across the island, and flying high in the sky.

After he sees some turtles frolicking in the water, he envies their relaxed life and wishes he could be a turtle.

Then, an attack by some hawks leads him to help the turtles and think about who he is and what he really wants to be.


Bad Dog Book Cover

The Bean That Didn't Want to be cooked

THE BEAN THAT DIDN’T WANT TO BE COOKED is a whimsical story about how Sally Stringbean escapes being cooked in a series of ways.

She falls out of the shopping bag in the grocery store and on the way home. She enjoys being played with by the family cat and dog.

She pops out of the pan on the stove and lands on the floor. And more.

What will finally happen to Sally? This picture book tells her story.

the bush that came back

The Bush that Came Back

THE BUSH THAT CAME BACK is a whimsical story about how Rhoda Rhododendron faces a big challenge after new owners, the Talbots move in with their two sons and daughter.

They decide she has been growing too tall, since her branches cover up part of the front window.

So Mr. Talbot cuts off her high branches and beautiful flowers, and after she grows back, he cuts her down again.

Eventually plans to get rid of her completely.  But will he do that? And what will happen to Rhoda? 

This picture book tells her story.

Elise and the big bad Plant

Elise and the Big Bad Plant

Elise and the Big Bad Plant is a story in which Elise sees a plant with thorns that grows up very quickly after her family has moved to a new house.

As the plant grows larger and larger, she wonders about its odd purple flowers and finds it a little scary.

Soon she is even dreams about it. So what will happen to Elise and this “big bad plant”?

the jungle in the basement


THE JUNGLE IN THE BASEMENT is a story in which Alicia hears her parents talking about a crack in the basement where plants could grow, and soon she sees plants growing up.

Soon she sees even more and more plants, until they are covering the floor like a carpet. Then, she sees a caterpillar, a lizard, and butterflies as the plants grow higher and higher.

She even sees a lion chasing a tiger, and she warns her mother about the jungle in the basement.

So what will happen after she warns her mother about what she has seen?  THE JUNGLE IN THE BASEMENT tells her story.

Bad Dog Book Cover

Bad Dog

Bad Dog is a story about a dog named Randy who doesn’t behave very well, as told by the boy who owns him.

Randy escapes from his leash, runs through the neighbor’s rose bushes, creates a mess at a pumpkin patch, sometimes barks at night waking everyone up, and more.

But the boy still loves him, and he thinks about how it’s the same with his mother. She still loves him, even when he misbehaves, and she tells him not to do what he did wrong anymore.

The Upside Down Day

The Upside Down Day is a story in which everything seems to be topsy turvy for Tommy.

He wakes up late, puts on socks that don’t match, wears his shirt inside out, and opens his book upside down. Even the cat looks upside down when it lays on its back.

So Tommy is very upset, until his parents try to comfort him with some advice and he has a mysterious visitor in his dreams.

the Dog who wanted to be a cat

the Dog who wanted to be a cat

The Dog Who Wanted to Be a Cat is a whimsical story about how a dog wished he could be a cat, because he was jealous of the cat’s freedom and independence and didn’t like having to follow orders and go through puppy training.

But when he runs off to be free and independent, he finds he misses many of the perks of being a dog after all. 

The squirrel who wanted a change

The squirrel who wanted a change

The Squirrel Who Wanted a Change is a whimsical story about a squirrel who didn’t like getting chased and was curious about the warm cozy houses and how the people who lived there seemed to have so much fun.

Though his squirrel friends laugh at him, he tries various ways to get inside and eventually becomes friends with a new boy in town who likes to play games on his computer.

In the end, he discovers many new things to do with his new friend.

Wacky Words

WACKY WORDS features a fun way to play with words by creating sentences and stories with words starting with a letter of the alphabet.

The idea is to see how many words with that letter you can use in creating your sentences and telling your story. The results are “Wacky Words.”

Each letter, except for XYZ, has its own page, which features stories and illustrations of words beginning with that letter.

Kids can see a listing of other words with each letter and in the space below that, they can write their own sentences and stories with words featuring that letter.

Or they can grab a blank sheet of paper and write away.

Whoosh Cover

Mouse in the House

Mouse in the House is a story in rhyme about a girl who discovers a mouse in the house, and she isn’t sure what to do about it.

After it runs away, her parents think she imagined it, and when she sees it hiding in a shoe, she wonders if she should tell her parents.

But the mouse is very scared, and she is afraid of what they might do to it.

So what should she do? 

The Duck that Crowed: The Journey of a Duck to Regain His Voice

After growing up in a pet store surrounded by dogs, cats, and other animals, Danny has lost his ability to quack. After being bought by a little girl and dropped off in the woods by her father, Danny goes on a journey to regain his ability to quack. Along the way, he meets an owl, mole, and spider, but he ends up clucking like a hen, mewing like a cat, barking like a dog, oinking like a pig, squeaking like a mouse, and cooing like a quail.

Finally, he goes to see Freddy the Frog, who lives near a lake where he has seen other ducks. Will Freddy be able to help? THE DUCK THAT CROWED tells Danny’s story.

Why Can You Be book cover

The Fly that Wouldn’t Go Away

The Fly that Wouldn’t Go Away is a story about a boy who wakes up to a fly buzzing around his room and he starts to chase it to get rid of it.

As he chases it, the fly seems to be taunting and laughing at him, as he wreaks havoc in his room.

So what will happen to the boy and the fly?.

The Fly that Wouldn’t Go Away tells their story.

Follow the Ducks: A Tale About a Duck Who Didn’t Stay in Line

Devon is a duck who doesn’t like to stay in line when he is growing up on a small island in a pond. Instead, he is very curious and likes to explore, so his parents keep looking for him and tell him to get back in line. But a few days later, he is off exploring again.  One day, he confronts a dog and manages to escape when his parents come looking for him. So he promises he won’t go off on his own any more.

But will he keep his promise? Or will something unusual draw him away from the line again? FOLLOW THE DUCKS tells his story.

How Coyote Brought Winter Into the World: An Adaptation of a Traditional Native American Folk Tale (Told by the Zuni People)

How Coyote Brought Winter into the World is an adaptation of Native American folktale told by the Zuni. In the story, Coyote brings winter by letting the sun escape from a box he steals from an Indian village during a dance celebration.

Can he get it back with Eagle’s help, and what will happen if he doesn’t get it?

How Coyote Became Clever: An Adaptation of a Traditional Native American Folktale (Told by the Karok People)

How Coyote Became Clever is an adaptation of a traditional Native American folktale told by the Karok people. In the story, Coyote seeks the gift of being smart from the maker of all animals, and he tries to outwit the other animals by staying awake to get the first gift.

But will that strategy work? And if not, what happens if he is the last to get anything?

(Picture Book, Age 5-8).

Coyote, Buffalo, and the Rock: An Adaptation of a Traditional Native American Folktale (Told by the Sioux of the Great Plains)

Coyote, Buffalo, and the Rock is an adaptation of a traditional Native American folktale told by the Sioux of the Great Plains. In the story, Coyote gives the gift of a blanket to a rock as he takes a walk with buffalo. When it gets cold and rains, Coyote takes it back. But the rock objects and chases after him.

What will happen when rock finally catches him and teaches him a lesson?


The Battle of the Island and the Sea: The Saga of Suki and Torvi

Suki, an island, and Torvi, the sea, have a problem at a time when the sun, land, and sea can speak to one another. Over the years it became warmer and warmer, and there were more storms and rain. The wind blew harder and harder, and Torvi became angry and his waves rose higher and higher. He began taking sand from Suki’s beaches, and they began fighting. Finally, Suki tells Torvi not to be angry at her, because the wind makes his waves rise so high, and she will go talk to the wind. But the wind can’t help because no trees hold him back. So Suki reaches out to the sun and wind for help in getting the trees to come.

Will Suki find a way to get the trees? If they come, will that calm Torvi down? Will Suki and Torvi ever be able to live in peace. This book tells their story, in a parable about the land, sea, and forces of nature.

Max the Meerkat: Danger in the Desert

Max is a Meerkat with a problem. Soon after he is born, he discovers he can’t stand up when his mother teaches him and his brothers and sisters to stand. When he tries he falls down and his brothers and sisters laugh at him. But he finds he can run faster than anyone else and goes off to explore the desert near his home.

Then, one day, a hawk threatens Max and his brothers and sisters. Can they escape? Can Max do anything to help? And can he learn to stand up for himself?

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