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The books currently published by Changemakers Kids include the following, which are available in print and as an ebook through Amazon and IngramSpark, and as an audio book through Audible.

Coyote, Buffalo, and the Rock: An Adaptation of a Traditional Native American Folktale (Told by the Sioux of the Great Plains)

Coyote, Buffalo, and the Rock is an adaptation of a traditional Native American folktale told by the Sioux of the Great Plains. In the story, Coyote gives the gift of a blanket to a rock as he takes a walk with buffalo. When it gets cold and rains, Coyote takes it back. But the rock objects and chases after him.

What will happen when rock finally catches him and teaches him a lesson?


How Coyote Brought Winter Into the World: An Adaptation of a Traditional Native American Folk Tale (Told by the Zuni People)

How Coyote Brought Winter into the World is an adaptation of Native American folktale told by the Zuni. In the story, Coyote brings winter by letting the sun escape from a box he steals from an Indian village during a dance celebration.

Can he get it back with Eagle’s help, and what will happen if he doesn’t get it?

How Coyote Became Clever: An Adaptation of a Traditional Native American Folktale (Told by the Karok People)

How Coyote Became Clever is an adaptation of a traditional Native American folktale told by the Karok people. In the story, Coyote seeks the gift of being smart from the maker of all animals, and he tries to outwit the other animals by staying awake to get the first gift.

But will that strategy work? And if not, what happens if he is the last to get anything?

(Picture Book, Age 5-8).

Follow the Ducks: A Tale About a Duck Who Didn’t Stay in Line

Devon is a duck who doesn’t like to stay in line when he is growing up on a small island in a pond. Instead, he is very curious and likes to explore, so his parents keep looking for him and tell him to get back in line. But a few days later, he is off exploring again.  One day, he confronts a dog and manages to escape when his parents come looking for him. So he promises he won’t go off on his own any more.

But will he keep his promise? Or will something unusual draw him away from the line again? FOLLOW THE DUCKS tells his story.

The Duck that Crowed: The Journey of a Duck to Regain His Voice

After growing up in a pet store surrounded by dogs, cats, and other animals, Danny has lost his ability to quack. After being bought by a little girl and dropped off in the woods by her father, Danny goes on a journey to regain his ability to quack. Along the way, he meets an owl, mole, and spider, but he ends up clucking like a hen, mewing like a cat, barking like a dog, oinking like a pig, squeaking like a mouse, and cooing like a quail.

Finally, he goes to see Freddy the Frog, who lives near a lake where he has seen other ducks. Will Freddy be able to help? THE DUCK THAT CROWED tells Danny’s story.

Max the Meerkat: Danger in the Desert

Max is a Meerkat with a problem. Soon after he is born, he discovers he can’t stand up when his mother teaches him and his brothers and sisters to stand. When he tries he falls down and his brothers and sisters laugh at him. But he finds he can run faster than anyone else and goes off to explore the desert near his home.

Then, one day, a hawk threatens Max and his brothers and sisters. Can they escape? Can Max do anything to help? And can he learn to stand up for himself?

The Battle of the Island and the Sea: The Saga of Suki and Torvi

Suki, an island, and Torvi, the sea, have a problem at a time when the sun, land, and sea can speak to one another. Over the years it became warmer and warmer, and there were more storms and rain. The wind blew harder and harder, and Torvi became angry and his waves rose higher and higher. He began taking sand from Suki’s beaches, and they began fighting. Finally, Suki tells Torvi not to be angry at her, because the wind makes his waves rise so high, and she will go talk to the wind. But the wind can’t help because no trees hold him back. So Suki reaches out to the sun and wind for help in getting the trees to come.

Will Suki find a way to get the trees? If they come, will that calm Torvi down? Will Suki and Torvi ever be able to live in peace. This book tells their story, in a parable about the land, sea, and forces of nature.

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